Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Malaysian

in true merdeka spirit of 50 yrs anniversary of Malaysia's independence in the year 2007, here are some reasons why i think it’s awesome being malaysian.

pisang goreng
pasar malams
bulan ramadhan food markets
easy let-offs when committing road crimes
getting a driver’s license is easy
you can be ignorant and no one would think that’s weird
you can speak bad english and no one would think that’s weird
being able to say lah!
open houses
movies here are released on time
good clubs
good indie music scene
good jazz scene
booming performing arts scene
curry puffs and onde-onde
cheap taxi fare
air tebu + coconut flesh
lotsa public holidays
entertaining conflicts between prime ministers
entertaining members of parliament (close one eye ok)
free wifi in starbucks
char siew pau
air asia
we can brag about our totally cool island getaways
as well as the towers that used to be the tallest building in the world
traffic jams that facilitate long conversations
mamaks that open round the clock
teh tarik that does not cost rm3
chatty cabbies
sun and rain
cheap electronic stuff in low yat plaza
pirated dvds
carmen soo
golden screen cinema’s caramel popcorn
dear thelma
pretty saris in jalan tar
ang pau
cool nights
cameron highlands strawberry milkshake
melting pot of races and cultures
kit kats hidden in ice cream cones
good raves
petaling street hokkien mee
laidback attitudes
carding is almost unheard of
dota culture
ramli burgers

and many more made-in-malaysia products...

(something cool about malaysians : they know the exact age gap between siti nurhaliza and datuk k, the entire background of datuk k’s previous marriage and even the exact age of his kids from his first marriage.. but they dont know that pluto is no longer a planet. and then when people try to tell them, they dont believe.)

source : Quaintly


Anonymous said...

Easily let off by the cops,
Teh tarik,

definitely unique to Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Hasbullah Awang dude!!
He deserves to be in the list

Where in the world can you find a sports commentator who could commentate on possibly every sport created by man??

Sememangnya, "cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang"