Monday, January 08, 2007

Sembang Mother Nature

Save our Malaysian environment.

I, penangite, though may be interested in politics, I am a self-confessed environmentalist. Yes, I love Mother Nature. I love Greenpeace. And for those of you who like to pollute our earth and destroy nature’s flora and fauna, fuck off! But I love to drive my car anywhere I like and please don’t ask me to stop driving my car just because it expels a lot greenhouse gases. You think I don’t want to drive a hybrid/electric car? Expensive ok? I don’t have the money to buy those type of cars. If I do, I sure will buy environmental-friendly cars. After all, they do look cute too. Maybe in future the price of electric/hybrid cars will drop but not for now. Maybe until most of our earth are polluted like dunno what shit baru the price of those cars will be as cheap as Kancil/Kelisa.

I hate over-excessive developments. I hate to see Karam Singh Walia reporting about pencemaran and exploitasi tanah and pembalakan haram everytime I turn on Bulletin Utama TV3. The less he uses his peribahasa, the better is it for our environment. Coz every peribahasa signifies one case of environment destruction. Unless he fails to record the rest which are still tersembunyi. Stupid developers. A bunch of no-brainers. All want $$$$ only, idiots!! Hey money can be earn elsewhere la, no need to build so much buildings, you can make money by recycling, do you know how much sampah we produce a day? There was once a report that Malaysia’s rubbish can stand as high as KLCC twin towers for how many years im not sure. So reuse, reduce and recycle!!!

Instead of fighting among each other in politics, better fight to save our earth la, bodoh! You wanna fight among each other until somebody else die also never mind, but pls conserve our environment first. Then you can go blow up someone else. Our Malaysian rivers are seriously the yuckiest in the world. Sungai Juru and Sungai Klang? Yucks!!! Simple stuff also cannot do, wanna have ‘first world mentality’. Dreaming..zzzz…. Clear our rivers, you bunch of idiot politicians. Spend so much on Malaysia Eye, spend so much on Visit Malaysia 2007, hey my foot la..if tourist come, I bring them to Juru River is it okay?i show them KLCC, Mid Valley, Putrajaya, The Eye, everything nice la..then I bring them to Sg. Juru as their last destination before they return to KLIA for departure?

Seriously, I am going to do that if I have any foreign visitors. Let them leave with a taste of Kemalaysiaan. Then last but not least, I tell them the water that they drink actually comes from these dirty rivers which has been processed and ‘safe’ to drink. Make them tension. Ok, tats a bit too much. But I’ll tell them that the seafood they ate earlier receives the outflow from these rivers. Now, this is the truth. Sg Juru flows out to Tambun area (seafood restaurants area), Sg Klang flows to Port Klang (also seafood restaurant area). So much of our standard of water quality. Selangor is a negeri maju by now. Selangor Maju 2005. But you go to Shah Alam, some of the water pipes when u open the taps, the water is yellow in colour and it taste like iron. Its so damn ‘tasty’ I tell u. I am ashamed as a Malaysian. I don’t know where to put my face if a tourist tells me about this. Shit!!!


Ravi said...

Hey, don't la so tension... You're absolutely right about all these issues, but face it, do each of us take the trouble to recycle stuff?

Btw, hybrid cars are not really that eco-friendly... they use 45 miles-per-gallon, quite an average amount of petrol.

Selva said...

Hey Ravi,

You must be talking bout hybrid trucks with that figure

Most lastest hybrid cars that i've come across, are more impressive

For example, the Honda Insight(1.5L, 4cyclinder) has a fuel consumption of 72 miles/gal(city use) and 86 m/gal(highway)...ok well, the Honda's a two-seater..

But the Toyota Prius(1.5L, 4 cylinder) is a mid-size car and has a fuel consumption of 71miles/gal

The technology is rapidly improving and prices are I guess it will a better alternative in the next few years while we wait for the 100% eco-friendly hydrogen cell cars to take over in the near future