Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MyTEAM - believe in possibilities

Khairy Jamaluddin has loved football since he can remember. He desperately wanted to be a footballer but ended up as an investment banker and politician.He is Deputy Leader of the ruling United Malays National Organisation’s Youth Wing(UMNO Youth)and a director at ECMLibra, one of Malaysia’s leading financial services company.

Prior to this, he served in the Government for five years. Rising to the position of Director of the Policy and Communications Division in the Office of the Prime Minister where he was responsiblefor coordinating strategic policy initiatives of the Prime Minister.

His main focus in UMNO Youth has been in the field of education and how the party can complement the efforts of the Government to bring better quality education to the rural areas. He is also the Chairman of Akademi Pemuda, UMNO Youth’s think tank, which is responsible for formulating action plans and grassroots programmes for the younger generation.

At ECM Libra, Khairy is a director for investment banking and has coordinated and originated several transactions including Malaysia’s biggest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listing to date and several initial public offerings in the auto and aviation sectors on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

It all started for Jason Lo in a small town called Kuching, on the island of Borneo, Sarawak. A mix of Chinese and Irish parentage. Educated in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Jason Lo Achieved a degree in Accounting and Finance and a Masters in Management and Business before returning back home to Malaysia to pursue a carrier in music. Since Returning in 1998, Jason Lo has gone on to become the most influential and successful English local rock act in Malaysia, a well-known hitz.fm DJ, a TV talk show host, CEO of his very own record label and events company (Fat Boys Records/events), six Rock The World concerts under his belt, producing Disagree’s debut album, bringing in the first Mobile Stage for Touring into Malaysia, and his involvement in Musiccanteen.com, has not only fueled his passion for music but has also helped to create many platforms for local acts to showcase their talents.

Now with Maya Team, Jason is using his recipe of success to fuel his other passion… Football. With MyTEAM, Jason hopes to directly or indirectly help the local football scene get out of its current rut and return to it’s glory days. The hope is for MyTEAM to be a platform for local football talents to achieve their goals, and put pride back into Malaysia football.

Two friends with a passion for football. That’s how it all started. Jason Lo and Khairy Jamaluddin set together discussing their favorite topic, football one day when they came up with an idea. That idea was called MyTEAM, a search for the countries best hidden football talents and pitting them against the Malaysian national team. FAM have accepted the challenge. It will be a challenge they will never forget.

Penangite comments: Maybe KJ and Jason Lo can also organize a national futsal game=)


Selva said...

Fuyo! Susah ar keep track dgn blog hang...average 3-5posts per day

In spite of exams, hebat!! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

not so obvious a bit la

1Portal untuk 1Malaysia said...

hidup KJ!!! wei free lunch, this is not bodek ok? this is PR!!! btw,i love football and thanks to Media Prima la..they show Champions League live on TV3, NTV7, 8TV and Channel9. and long live Jason Lo too!!! old newspaper..sau kau po chi...paper lama!

to selva : exams or not, life goes on...politics as usual...never ending story...huhu...i'm beginning to get sick of it and may well follow something like RPK did, ie. to hell wif politics!! im motorbiking on my harley in the whole of europe! LOL!

Anonymous said...

niamah!!!! LALANG!!! got future got future :D good good
HIDUP penangite!!
actually the best politicians from the north...Dr M, Mahathir..ke ke ke..got future got future

1Portal untuk 1Malaysia said...

Dato' Onn : Johor

Tunku : Kedah

Tun Razak : Pahang

Tun Hussein : Johor

Dr M : Kedah

Abdullah : Penang

????Anwar???? : Penang

Okay, excluding anwar, 3 from northern states, 2 from south and 1 from east. ok fair enuff 2020, ur right hehehe.. :)

Selva said...

Good to hear that you are getting sick of politics

There's more to life dude!

At the last moments of life, its a lot more meaningful to be thinking of your experiences motorbiking around Europe with a loved one than Pak Lah and KJ or Najib

Cheerz dude, and to hell with politics!!

Anonymous said...

BAGUS JUGAK KHAIRY JAMALUUDIN TU., Dahlah handsome,kacak,gagah,berani,sabar,,body cantik,cute,sexy,anak pembesar pulak tu.. kalau dapat kan ok