Monday, January 08, 2007

Catch-22 situation for Anwar Ibrahim

In his interview with Prof Don Emmerson of Stanford Uni, Anwar only mentioned that he is 'not prepared' to rejoin UMNO. He never curse and swear that he will not join UMNO forever. So this simply means there is a possibility, however small for him to rejoin UMNO. He is, by all means, in a catch-22 situation. He can't run as an MP or get involved in politics for now,not until at least March 2008 due to the court rule. Will pak lah make the GE b4 march08 or will he wait for anwar to come back? we'll have to wait and see. for now, najib and hisham wont let anwar in for sure. the two are Dr M's camp.

anwar's hope is now pak lah&khairy. why do u think KJ went to meet anwar at his hse in bukit damansara to pass him his passport so tat he can go Germany to sort treatment for his slipped disc? wat did both of them talk about? a deal perhaps? or just a wish of selamat jalan? well, for sure, the govt can send a low-ranking immigration officer to pass anwar his passport, but why the son-in-law of of our PM must see him personally? wayang kulit and sandiwara again? anwar knows this,but he never reveals the contents of the meeting.but KJ has stated in UMNO assembly youth speech tat anwar used to be the richest UMNOputra. so many contradictions. all conspiracies. i guess we can only wait until 2008 to see the facts. but 2007 can well be starting to show signs and symptoms already..hehehe..

right now, anwar is commited to the reform agenda by keADILan.but if he rejoins UMNO,wat will happen to his supporters who is loyal to adil?then he sure will bubarkan adil and bring all his konco-konco to return to umno,just like Ku Li bubar S46 and rejoin UMNO. Pairin also bubar PBS and join BN. do u think anwar can reform UMNO if he becomes PM?i think it wont change much,it'll still be the same thing as u say, UMNO is very much ketuanan melayu,so wat will happen to anwar's credibility then? ppl will say "apalah anwar ni, cakap tak serupa bikin, say wanna commit himself to reform agenda but in the end also rejoin UMNO wat..."

Pak Lah also came in with fresh, clean pledges, but today is he any better? its still the same. its the system, not the leaders. no matter wat pak lah says, he is still bounded by the malay supremacy concept.he wants to have IPCMC, IFC etc, but even the police and malays rejected it.if he goes ahead to implement them,he sure got no place to sit as PM. the malays wont support him.tats the harsh reality. the only way for UMNO to be defeated is a straight fight with PAS. keadilan dare not put a calon at batu talam, why? coz they know the chances of PAS winning is higher. even when anwar was sacked, PAS hijacked anwar's case and win t'ganu, keadilan only won 1 seat and tat also in its permatang pauh strongbase. only 1 and many of them lose their deposits coz of split votes wif DAP.

bottomline, BN is too powerful since merdeka. i agree with u that we need to have a strong opposition but the leaders are not even coming together?I have never seen Anwar and Kit Siang standing side by side and speaking before lately. Anwar alwiz wif PAS ppl,then how the chinese are going to support keadilan? they see 'bulan' also they wont vote coz islamic state.if tats the case then anwar/keadilan must forgo PAS and merge wif DAP. so at least the malays can vote for adil and chinese vote for dap. PAS can still have its straight fight with UMNO in majority malay areas. im not sure if tats the best way we have but currently tats the obvious choice we have, unless anybody got a more creative and also REALISTIC option.

-comment by penangite on free lunch 2020's post 'Will ANWAR go back to UMNO'-


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