Tuesday, April 24, 2007

what a blardy good reply from MAS

Dear Mr. Melvin,

Thank you for your email dated 25 March 2007.

We are sorry for the delay to your flight from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt.
We understand and would like to assure you that we do make every effort to
eliminate the anxiety and disturbance to our passengers whenever we
experience retiming to our flights. The delay was however necessary to
rectify a mechanical defect to the aircraft, as passenger safety is of
paramount importance to us.

Malaysia Airlines, like other international carriers, undertake our best
efforts to ensure passengers reach their final destinations safely with
minimum disruption. The times shown in timetable or elsewhere are not
guaranteed. Malaysia Airlines may, without notice, substitute alternate
carrier or aircraft, and may alter or omit stopping places shown on the
ticket in case of necessity. Schedules are subject to change without
notice. Carrier assumes no responsibility for making connections. This
information is indicated under Clause 9 of our Conditions of Contract on
page 2 of each passenger's ticket.

As such, we regret to advise you that we are unable to accede to your
request for the reimbursement of your cellphone roaming bills.

Mr Melvin, we are sorry that your travel plan was disrupted. Rest assured
that at no time the safety of our passengers is compromised.

We hope your next experience will be much more pleasant. In the meantime,
Malaysia Airlines will continue to improve to give our passengers the
quality of speed, efficiency and service they expect and deserve.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
for Malaysia Airlines

Kelsey@ Siti Khadijah Abdullah
Customer Response


Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's all about politics!

First of all, lock this in our minds first. It is all about the politics.

Anwar Ibrahim is still very much a dynamic leader. Some say he has lost his chance. Some say he is stupid because he went against Dr M. Some say his time is over. Some say he is irrelevant until and unless he rejoins UMNO. Some say he is talam dua muka. Some say he is hypocrite. Some say he is gay and homo. But whatever it is, I can tell you that his English has improved a lot, and for this, he has gained my respect. Mind you, Anwar is now invited to speak in prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Stanford, LSE and many more. Even Dr M or AAB are not popularly invited to speak at those institutions. Some say he is US-ally, some say he is Gore's friend. Some say he is Jewish proxy. That is why he was invited to all these functions. But let me say something, if anybody or particularly the Malaysian Government thinks that all these institutions are Jewish/American-based, then why the hell on earth do JPA spends million of tax payers money to send top bright scholars there? Again, back to square one, it's all about politics. Do you think Malaysia will survive if we don't make friends with USA? USA is the world police and trade 'taiko' (big brother). M'sia is now US's 10th largest trading partner. You can imagine what will happen to our economy if Intel, Dell etc pull out from our Industrial Zones, causing retrenchments and lost of thousands of jobs..finish...

It's all about politics. Anwar has improved himself. Some say that's a little too late. Too little too late. He missed the boat. What he suffers is due to his own folly. He got what he deserved. For everything he did when he was in UMNO and govt. Yes yes, Anwar's critics..say what you like and what you want. In fact, I criticise Anwar at times too. But I personally believe he deserves a second chance. After all, he nearly died in prison by arsenic poisoning and being kicked and punched and jailed for 6 years..but looks like many big 'fishes' are still walking free...you be the judge..Keadilan is a party and why not give them a chance to speak for us. If we find them as useless/corrupted as BN, we can always change back to BN, no problem. And never ever bullshit to me that when you change govt every 5-10 years, there wont be much development. Again and again, that's just political propaganda...huhu

Okay, enough. I think I have said enough. Pretty much hit the bulls-eye. Cheerio!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Opening the Pandora Box

On Jan 31, 2007, I was scheduled to depart from Frankfurt Airport, Germany by noon local time. Everything seemed to be fine. Flight MH 005 called upon all passengers to embark. So I happily marched to the aircraft tunnel and into the 777 plane. I heard 777's size is in between 747 and 737. Anyway, I can see from the outside in the terminal building that the plane do look old despite 777's are supposed to be newer. Anyway, cosmetics ain't matter, I told myself. Or so I think...

The captain announced for passengers to put on our safety belts and bring our seats to 90 degrees. Cabin crew were even told to be seated. The plane was about to be reversed by the 'forklifter' or whatever you wanna call it. We were ready for take off. But strangely, we waited..and waited..and waited as time passed by...

20 mins..30 mins..45 mins..and by 1 hour we still did not take off, there must be something really wrong. 1 hour plus..clock is ticking, passengers are still in the cabin, some of us already got frustrated. Dehydration prevailed. We were still in the dark. Captain told us there were some technical problems. It was only then when he told us we needed to wait longer did the cabin crew start serving drinks to quench our thirst. Suddenly I felt like I was a hostage trapped in a plane.

By 1.45pm or so..the pilot announced that we really couldn't take off as one of the fuel tanks leaked and luckily the engineer checked it out and detected the leak just before take off. So you people can imagine if the airplane really took off...

This fuel leak issue is not something which should be swept under the carpet. And this is the purpose I am going public and online with it. It surely pissed me off when MAS didn't reply my email. But then again, should any explosion happened as a result of the fuel leak, I guess I wont be sitting here blogging today. More to come!

Friday, April 06, 2007

why MAS stands for Mother*&^%$£" Airline System

Dear fellow bloggers and commenters, be it anonymous or not, I thank you for all your comments and i appreciate them very very much. Thank you. You guys give me the hope, dedication and determination to keep expressing my freedom of speech in the virtual reality. Today I want to share something with you. The email below which I have sent to customer@mas.com.my since 25 March 07 has not been replied until today.

Dear Customer Service,

I would like to claim back my cellphone roaming bills
so please advise how do I send the evidence and bills
to MAS. For your information, I was delayed for more
than 24 hours in Frankfurt (Flight MH005) which was
supposed to be departing on Feb 1, 2007 but due to a
fuel leakage problem, departed on Feb 2, 2007.

Thank you,
Passenger MH005 Frankfurt to KLIA.

NB: I will blog more about the delay and what actually happened with that MAS plane soon. For now, I think that MAS is either ignorant or in denial about this issue.