Friday, January 05, 2007

Khidmat Negara my foot!!!

Why national service (NS) should be abolished

Sometime ago, due to the rape/molest case of a NS trainee in Terengganu or sumwhere, MP Batu Gajah Ms Fong Po Kuan (who is also my good friend who brought me to Dewan Rakyat for proceedings in September 2006) suggested that NS be abolished due to its causing more harm than good. In fact, the intention of NS is good. I admit the objectives are good and beneficial for the nation. Even my cousin who was chosen to join NS claimed that NS was indeed a good experience after 3 months he was in camp. Im not sure if he really puji NS coz it was a ‘defense mechanism’ or he was sincere. But I certainly hope he was sincere in his thoughts. Defense mechanism can be put in a layman’s term as ‘praising sumthing when u have no choice but to conform to it’. Tats just one example of the many types. Ok, I hope u get the idea, u can go internet and read about it, after all its in wikipedia and there is a list of mechanisms u can read about but im not going into all that. But he did admit that NS gave him the chance to meet lots of girls!

Okay, today we see reports about the bus fiasco. Thousands of trainees were left stranded coz no buses were able to pick them up. As a result, poor parents who drive afar just to send their poor kids to the pick up point were frus. Obviously who is not frus, if im the parent..i’ll definitely shout NIAMAH!!! (adapted from owned by Patrick Teoh). Hey even if im the trainee..waste my time la..i can watch TV or sleep at home more la..NIAMAH!!! ok tats not about it, some time ago, there was this proposal for trainees to shoot firearms, wtf??!! And then parents can choose to either approve or disapprove thru official letters. And then TV3 and all other news stations proudly show some interview that the kids were delighted by the shooting sessions, all races got interviewed, I saw a few Malays, one Chinese and one Indian were asked about how they felt..ok..i admit..shooting is a good experience. U can alwiz shoot and misfire at ur lawyer fren (haha!! Sounds like the vice-president of USA). Anyway, this handling of firearms is premature and a total waste of resources (i.e. bullets which can be expensive if fired continuously). It looks like the govt has too much bloody money to spend on this whole NS to inculcate the so-called patriotism. I tell u today that thanks to NS, my cousin who is a guy, now got all the contact numbers of the girls in NS and thus, can alwiz hang out wif them and lepak at MidValley and KLCC anytime, makes sense??!! So much for “NATIONAL SERVICE”. NS to seek out guys and gals got la..niamah!! how good!!!!!

Najib under pressure

Okay, first things first. NS is under PLKN. Lee Lam Thye is the program chairman. I tell u tats just a show. Many ppl said tat Tan Sri Lee was a good politician in Bukit Bintang when he was DAP member but now he ‘has been bought over by BN’. And thus the govt respects him for his charitable and social activism. Okok, I acknowledge that Lee is a veteran who deserves some form of respect but tats just a small story. PLKN was not the brainchild of Lee. It was the brainchild of sumone higher. Yes, PLKN is directly under the management of the Defense Ministry and who is the Honourable Minister? Sorry, no prize for guessing it right but I just state his full credentials here. It is YAB Dato’ Seri Mohamad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak. Yes the son of our 2nd PM of Malaysia. BTW, Najib was shown cooking porridge or some food in Johor for the victims when the whole cabinet had gone missing during the floods. But this NS was alredi ‘diilhamkan’ when Dr M was still the PM. But I dunno whose idea was it, regardless, I think it is a stupid crazy idea. Now this plan has been backfired. Look at the amount of problems appear year in and year out. They say they will curb the food poisoining, they will curb the ‘gatal’ trainers, they will curb the inefficiencies, they will haul detractors and charge them in court and so on and so forth??!! Ya rite!! And now the bus problems?? So are they still gonna say ‘we will curb this problem to prevent it from happening again in future’??!!! niamah!!! Obviously they NEVER LEARN FROM HISTORY. Bahlul!! Kepala hotak bangang sial mangkuk hayun punya respon dari otak udang belaka!

Why is Najib then under pressure as I put in my heading? Well, many reasons. He alredi has pressure coming from Dr M to challenge Pak Lah. He alredi got the ‘green light’ from Dr M to do that. But of coz to jaga periuk nasi and seeing wat happened to anwar, wud he dare? So he pledged his support and loyalty and urge the rakyat to back Pak Lah immediately when Dr M initiated his attacks making headlines such as “Dr M : Pak Lah not my first choice as PM, it was Najib”. And he has KJ to deal with. As stated earlier, KJ is now messing up wif Khir Toyo’s administration, he is actually testing the waters. AS free lunch commented that he should mudslinging the ‘big shots’ like Tun M, Najib, Ling Liong Sik, Samy Vellu etc. my advice is, u just wait and watch as the drama unfolds. Don’t ever think that KJ does not dare to touch Najib. In fact as stated in the Khairy Chronicles in M’sia Today, KJ has appointed all his men in the DPM’s office and has been his eyes and ears ever since. So Najib’s hands are tied figuratively speaking. He is in a dilemma, he is stuck in the middle. That is why I believe the DPM, whoever he is in this country is never safe. Do u know that the post of the DPM is not even clarified in the Constitution. It only mentions the PM post and barisan cabinet which consists of Ministers. So basically the executive branch is PM + Ministers only (no DPM). But well, u can argue that Dr M was a DPM b4 and today he succeeded Tun Hussein. Ok, but what we are looking here is during Dr M’s era when he has ‘lost’ so many deputies. First was Tun Musa Hitam who declares that since he cannot work with Dr M and there can only be one captain of a ship, he quitted. Then come Tun Ghafar Baba, whom was challenged by Anwar and then stepped down in favour of young blood. Then Anwar was sacked. Later, after some long time without a DPM, finally Dr M appointed Pak Lah. And even now he disagrees wif the way pak lah is managing the country. It seems to be very hard to satisfy the Grand Old Man. But bottomline, he wants Najib to take over as PM.

I may generate some conspiracy theories here but I think that this bus fiasco has more to it. It is not just a normal bus fiasco. And it involves a lot of buses and trainees. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. Somebody must have known those buses are ‘illegal and unsafe’ to ferry our ‘remaja aset negara’. Coz they cud not compromise on the safety of our children. And can u smell who is behind all these? Who wud wanna give Najib a bad name. do u know tat the failure of the first phase, NS has not even started, already got problems at the pick-up points really tarnish najib’s image. And wat more wif his close aide, top govt-linked political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda who was arrested for the Mongolian Model murder, the last thing he needs to hear is this stupid NS glitch. Btw, I like that Razak Baginda fella, when he gives interviews in TV, he speaks good and analyses well, okay, I admit at that time, I wanna be sumone like him, in fact I want a job at the ISIS or MSRC. For those of u who dunno wat is ISIS, it is International Strategic and International Studies and MSRC stands for Malaysian Strategy Research Centre, a govt-linked think-tank, in fact both are but the MRSC is headed by Razak Baginda. ISIS is now headed by Dr Mohamad Jawhar Hassan. Before that, ISIS if im not mistaken was headed by the late Dr Noordin Sopiee (who wrote a one whole spreadsheet article in NST to condemn Al Gore’s scathing remarks on APEC dinner which obviously left Dr M pissed as the host of the dinner –fyi, NST was spreadsheet format b4 they became like thestar). Oh yeah, I still remember that article which occupy one whole goes like:
This is a public statement from a normal citizen,

Mr Gore should not have left the dinner immediately after his inconsiderate, rude speech. He should have head straight for the airport and leave this country immediately.

A Malaysian,
Noordin Sopiee

I didn’t have the source but u can certainly dig out NST’s archives. But it surely sound like that. Fyi, Tan Sri Dr Noordin is orang mahathir. And banyak lagi orang Dr M. ok looks like I have deviated. Alrite, back to najib. He is squeezed tightly in between now. He has been quiet recently. He has never commented on the arrest of his analyst. He has been issuing ‘neutral statements’ regarding the floods and other issues. I did not see the vocal najib I used to see in the perhimpunan agung when he was just elected as DPM and he did made a promise that he wont ‘menyerang dari belakang’. Obviously tat had the UMNO audience laugh (obviously they were laughing coz of the reference to Anwar’s sodomy case). True enuff, until today, he hasn’t ambush from behind. He hasn’t attack from the back even though he has been instigated by Dr M. even Dr M has kinda gave up on him alredi, Dr M said in an interview, “Whatever that happens, it is something which happens to him (Najib), not to me.” Meaning Dr M is no longer in the scene and it is entirely up to Najib now to make a move. But Najib has not make any move, well, not showing signs of it publicly at least, maybe he got his own underground plan en-route to the UMNO elections but can he even survive b4 this coming general election?? We just wait and see. Many people think Najib is the next in line coz he is the ‘most senior’ and ‘most experienced’ and ‘most qualified’ man to succeed Abdullah. Yea? U think so? There are many more equally capable ministers should Najib ‘screw up’. Abdullah has alredi commented in public that Muhyiddin is ‘doing a good job’ as Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries and Tan Sri Muhd Muhd Taib ‘deserves to be a Senator’. What does that sound to u, my readers? A better way to put it would be Abdullah prefers Muhyiddin to be DPM as stated by RPK in the delaying of naming the DPM until Dr M steps in to announced ‘he was glad that AAB appointed Najib, that sort of caught AAB of guard and by the time it was too late to do anything but to let Najib in’. And Muhd Taib? Is he going to replace Khir Toyo by becoming the Selangor MB again? Hey, rmbr that he used to have the Brisbane case but Dr M rescued him out and now he is loyal to pak lah (i.e. the govt of the day) and he gets everything back. Wow, smart man!! But hmm..looking back again..wat is smart? This is politics right? Im not surprised tho..

In conclusion, after revealing all the ‘scandals, scams and controversies’, I still think that the NS shud be abolished!! C’mon guys, there are many other ways to promote patriotism. If got poor gals got harassed, raped, molested due to the service, it is alredi a failure. Ya u can argue, kerana nila setitik rosak susu ‘setong’, no more belanga, we cannot scrap the NS based on a few ‘isolated’ incidents. Hey got students die due to infections sumore ok?! Ur talking about ppl’s lives here. Young ppl whom are required to contribute to our beloved Malaysia and yet ur making them suffer. Hey btw, I wonder got any anak menteri who are sent to NS? Or they make sure they screen thru the list to ensure no anak menteri involved coz as u know, they damn rich right? They after SPM send their children overseas to study Alevels and all that. Got ka? Pls readers help me find out ya and I really respek sama itu menteri, good example of cakap serupa bikin!! Ya la..u also can argue that since msian roads are dangerous for motorists so we abolish all the roads. Bangang betui!! This NS has more cons than pros ok. Roads have more pros than cons. This NS is a total waste of tax-payers money or whatever money la. It is a waste of time!! 3 weeks also not that bad, 3 mths is bullshit!! In the end u think all the NS trainees will stay in Malaysia and help develop Malaysia? Some will also migrate wat, some will also betray Malaysia, some will keep kutuking Malaysia, some will turn to criminals, some will be ‘playboys’ coz know many girls alredi maaa…duh!!! Hello, Malaysia is not Singapore ok? And S’pore NS style is certainly different from ours. If u wanna do NS the right way, do it right. Don’t say it is NS and say our version is not like s’pore type, wat utter bullcrap. It is doing more harm than good now. Parents sent kids to pick up point – hey are those in PLKN gonna reimburse their petrol? Petrol mahal now ok?!! NIAMAH!!!!!! Govt MUST control the inflation instead of waste money on this!

I had enough! Don’t u?


Anonymous said...

i think the next mega-project to instill patriotism should be

so at least we all haeva COMMON VALUES - corruption, womanising, etc

what do u think? in the name of national unity...

niamah :D

multidimid said...

For MORE PICTURES – NS BUS FIASCO; No 1 NS Salesman Tan Sri LEE LAM THYE Blames IRRESPONSIBLE Bus Operators Who in Turn Blame the Agents for the Delays; & Call on NS Director Abdullah Harlem to RESIGN

Tan Sri: “The director is responsible for operations and administrative work, I was the one responsible for the affairs of the Board.
Director Reply: “As Lee asked me to bear the greatest responsibility or resign, I will listen to the instructions of the Ministry of National Defense. All the instructions of the Defense Ministry.” – Only reported in Oriental Daily, details at:

Anonymous said...

to polygamy, equality and freedom


Sweetiepie said...

I totally agree with u. NS should be abolished. Honestly, I see NS as a death sentence. I have small children and I surely hope that by the time they finish SPM, they wont become one of the 'calon'.
I dont want to drop them off at the pick up point wondering will i ever see them again.

Every time the programme started, trainees started dying of fever or unknown diseases. NS Malaysia and NS Singapore? Heck NS Singapore exclude girls from the programme. Why should they include girls? This is not a summer vacation. Please la malaysian government. Dont make it compulsory for the seleted 'calon' to go if they dont want to. Not wanting to go for NS does not make a person less patriotic or less manly. As a concerned parent, I want this NS scrapped.