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A New Paradigm Shift to CoffeeShopTalk

Khairy Jamaluddin – The Special K

First of all, do forgive my lousy grammar, punctuation and spelling. I just wanna get the message across to my readers and if they understand everything I wrote, it should be good enough. Somebody from somewhere in the blogosphere (sorry, im just lazy to quote the source, as u can see, I have too many links in my blog) gave this gelaran to KJ, the special K, not Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho as he is the Special One, erm by the way, if im not mistaken, KJ is a Man Utd fan. But im a Liverpool fan! Haha! To readers, may I inform u in advance that this is not an anti-KJ or anti-anybody’s article or blog. This is just an objective review from what I have observed through the mass media in Malaysia and abroad, which includes blogs, international news websites and local forums etc. in fact I do not hate KJ, I admire him for certain things he managed to demonstrate indirectly to those who ‘can pick up the subtle signals’. Anyway in my ‘trilogy’, I said that Khairy has a potential to climb up the political ladder, and I still believe so. Okay, maybe due largely to his father-in-law’s influence as stated in his wikipedia page but that’s not the issue to be discussed now, in fact, that’s kinda normal for any aspiring politician to play ‘pull strings’ tactics to reach the pinnacle of the nation’s administration. Okay, im gonna break this article into paragraphs since ‘freelunch’ suggested me to break articles up so that one need not squint one’s eyes.

The spotlight on Selangor MB

First of all, I wanna talk bout the MB of Selangor. As u all know, he is Khir Toyo and lately he has alwiz been the target of TV3. I mean, why wud a menteri besar who is the ketua BN selangor wud kena from Sri Pentas who is also media kerajaan BN? Sounds weird rite? Obviously sumbody is ‘cucuk-ing’ or ‘poking’ khir toyo (ok I feel its not tat nice to call him Toyol, tats bad ok..ppl shud stop perli other ppl’s name..apparently his dad’s name is joyo but then got mistake when daftar his ended up khir toyo). Anyway tats not important. Wat I wanna stress here is that Media Prima is behind all these, and who is behind Media Prima? Ur right, the special K. on ur thinking caps, why wud TV3 allow so much exposure on the illegal clearing of virgin forest of selangor only but other states not so much coverage. In fact almost everyday for the past few months or so, sure got news on selangor, be it logging, or sumthing to do wif pollution (JAS Selangor) and a lot of other things which im sure u know better. I read from forum kmu tat the Bulletin Utama TV3 at 8pm even showed on air an interview whereby the resident actually scolded khir toyo ‘pukimak’ but TV3 didn’t censor it, why??!! Isn’t it obvious??

Infighting within UMNO

Yes indeed now we know better and have a clearer picture of why khir toyo is the target. Haha. Hmm..but of coz there is a deep and long history into all these issues. Its not just the surface we see, we must also do a bit more exploration. In fact there are probably many more things which u and I don’t know but well, like I said, this is what I observe and analyse so if anyone of u guys can come up with better or perhaps more accurate stuff, go ahead and leave me comments. Okok, see..deviate again!! Right, the history. Yes, infighting within UMNO. As u can see, during the last UMNO elections, if im not mistaken, PM Abdullah was the incumbent and not challenged and so was DPM Najib. Okay, fair enough but the 3 vice president posts are up for the results were Muhyiddin Yassin, Isa Samad and Ali Rustam. (Isa Samad later became the scapegoat for money politics and was removed). Okay, also fair enough la..actually got story about tat la whereby in NSembilan Dato Seri Mohamad bin Hj Hasan who is also KJ’s fren is coming up (b4 this Mohamad was like the director of some Cycle and Carriage company, sell cars like MerzBenz I think)..but tats not our focus. Ok then come to members of supreme council (Majlis Tertinggi UMNO), guess who got the highest vote among the I dunno how many ahli MT’s are there..25 or 26,not sure (eh, I check under organisasi, apparently 37 la)..but guess who?? Yeah, its Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir bin Toyo, YAB Menteri Besar Negeri Selangor, who is a dentist by profession. He has the highest votes (by money or by charisma it doesn’t matter) but he has the strongest support among the UMNO youth. He was even once seen to be a challenger to Hishammudin Tun Hussein (currently UMNO youth chief) becoz he’s the president of some belia organization and kind of like got strong akar umbi support but he didn’t bertanding against Hisham for Ketua Pemuda post but terus bertanding post MT.i guess both are Dr M’s men win-win situation ler…hmm...hebat..not he get the highest vote so at least he can ‘show’ Hisham tat ‘I have the highest votes, man!’ and ‘Hisham, u won uncontested, ha ha, no thrill!’. Sumthing like tat, imagine urselves, this is just my hypothesis. I personally dun quite like Khir coz he seem korup, I studied in shah alam b4 and its very dirty and full of dengue cases and pollution, only the roads leading to istana and the posh places of bungalows are well maintained. Just go to section 16, 17, 18 and 25 and check out the longkang, I think u can see thousands of larva nyamuk and other ‘magnificent’ insects or animals (big rats!!)

New paragraph, haha! So right..khir toyo is put into power by the Old Man, Tun Dr Mahathir. Dr M apparently likes him in person and so he chose Khir to be selangor MB much to everyone’s surprise because he wasn’t in the front line of ppl expected to be MB at tat time. Anyway, he got the job and has been holding it since despite intense pressure from KJ and the gang. KJ has tried all sorts of way to expose Khir’s misdeeds thru TV3 and yet somehow, Khir is still strong. There can be only two possibilities, either he is really strong on the ground or ‘money politics’, well, I give u the benefit of the doubt to decide. Basically, I have a feeling tat KJ thinks KT (huhu, both also start wif K wan..wat a coincidence) is a threat to him or is a menace coz KJ memang dislikes those people brought up under Dr M’s rule. From wat I see, he doesn’t seem to like old farts like Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, S Samy Vellu, Lim Keng Yaik and others whom he (and yeah, we, the younger generations) believe that its time for them to berundur to give chance to new fresh young blood whatever u call it. There are even rumours that the coming general election, pak lah is going to drop all the old ministers or those align to Dr M and replace wif young faces below 50 yrs old? Is tat possible? We just wait and see wat happens then. Speculate too much also no good. We just observe and analyse. So bottomline, KJ vs KT = intense battleground, to be continued in 07.

The Exchange featuring Dato’ Chua Jui Meng and Khairy Jamaluddin

Remember some time ago these two politicians were guests for TV3’s business program The Exchange? Regardless of whatever ppl’s perceptions are, I still think both of them are good frens. At that time, Chua is going for the MCA Prez Post, a head on battle wif OKT. As u can see, OKT is LLS’s Team A prodigy. CKC is LAL’s Team B prodigy. So that time, following Dr M’s ‘advice’,fuyooo, advise, actually I rather take it as a ‘directive’, who dares to go against Dr M??!! gila ka?? Hantam lu baru tahu..Anwar pun kena ‘black eye’, dun play play man!! So OKT and CKC got their posts today, actually same thing la..different leaders only, still got team A team B la..ok la..maybe not so intense but still got..say only unity..but a split was and is and will be a split. Agree?? Ok, my theory is KJ likes CJM. C’mon, if u dun like a person, who u bring him for a TV3 interview??!! Wud KJ invite Khir Toyo for a TV3 interview to brush off allegations regarding the MB or to discuss anything? Of coz not!!!!!!! So tats wat I think, KJ being a young malay breed of Oxford grad who doesn’t like old farts to stay long long and longer at the helm like LLS who now pass on to OKT, so he dun like team A. so he like team B. and the reason is to shoot up CJM’s popularity. If CJM goes for the interview, it wud be a boost for KJ as well and CJM and seen as ‘CJM being accepted by UMNO’ or sumthing like tat. Smart way of using the media BUT unfortunately, OKT still wins in the end coz majority Chinese dun really watch TV3 wan. They watch other channels like NTV7 and 8TV (more Chinese/Japanese/Korean drama’s ma…hehe)This is another classic more or less about the same example of KJ vs KT issue.

Rumours of meeting between KJ and Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu

I read this from sumwhere. Apparently rumours have it that KJ actually went to meet former CM of penang, Tun Dr Lim. We all know that Dr Lim is a maverick politician who actually developed penang into wat it is today. Most penangites claimed that it was due to Dr Lim and not so much of Dr Koh. Anyway, I think Dr Koh is a bit soft, and as a leader, u shud have charisma..maybe like Anwar..the Chinese type of Anwar. Never mind, at least Dr Koh is a smart Ketua Menteri, a Princeton product and a Mr Nice Guy (another one of coz is PM AAB, also proudly from penang..yeah!! im a penangite ok?! huhu) who starts his speech wif 4 main languages, namely Selamat Sejahtera, Hello, Ni Hau Ma, Vanakkam. Standard ‘unifying’ introduction and yeah, his speech is not bad..perhaps need a bit of boost of fiery substance. Okok, go back to main issue! So KJ asked Tun Lim, what Tun Lim wanna do wif penang since he’s no longer in power, Tun Lim said must build a casino is Pulau Jerjak to attract tourists and of coz gamblers to drive penang’s economy. Coz right now, there is not enough attraction to penang besides the northern beaches but also getting more polluted nowadays. So one of the most effective ways is to open casino, if this news is true, I wud agree wif Tun Dr Lim as well. I mean, look at Genting!! Perfect example, and not S’pore is inviting genting to open another casino in Pulau Sentosa, Uncle Lim and Son are happy happy rite? Can make more business, who dowan la??!! So there was this proposal to buka kasino in penang which of coz was shot down in the end by the PM AAB himself coz it seems tat its not favourable among the Malays and this wud further damage the Islam Hadhari concept put forward by pak lah himself, anyway I dunno the details but it is logical to think of it based on wat I have observed. Anyway, KJ is doing good for our country’s economy la!! (regardless of the commission he masuk but still…jobs will be created and pulau jerjak (PJ) will be like Genting Highlands!! Imagine PJ once used to be a place for ‘leprosy ppl’…why not??!! It is a good idea to make PJ the northern tourist destination for gambling. Kerajaan also can collect cukai from the casino operator, so overall good for economic growth ya?

Media Prima (MP) and Champions League (CL)

Alrite, I think this is the last poragraph for now, but there may be more, if anyone of u like to add or comment. Basically in 2006, the UEFA CL matches were shown on all 4 MP owned stations namely TV3, NTV7, 8TV and Channel9. Now, again, who controls MP? For ur info, MP is alredi the largest media conglomerate in Malaysia now. History has it that whoever controls the media, controls the government machinery and the people’s minds. Last time during Dr M’s rule..where got live football on ALL four channels simultaneously sumore wan?! And KJ being Man U fan? Oh btw, he did admit that ‘saya ni memang gila bola’ when they cakap bola interview after TV3 Nightline some months ago when he was still bandaged due to his fall from a horse sumwhere in Mt Kiara Equestrian Club or so..but he memang hurt his arm and was sent to damansara specialist centre, I think so la..anyway not if all these are true, then Thank You KJ for bringing live football for us, we Malaysians, who cud not afford Astro, speaking of Astro, even Astro also NEVER SHOW all 4 live matches serentak man…espn also kalah…Media Prima hebat..i admit I was impressed..ok..altho some may say they used Astro to show UMNO GA Live wif kerismuddin and all that but dun show live on RTM1 and 2 or even any of the MP channels..ok tats politics talking about football now and we sure have KJ to thank for this. Also, now Air Asia is flying high in the sky and they even have a plane called Red Devil..promote habis habis AirAsia kat Old Trafford…now u see.. datuk tony fernandes, a successful CEO, I also think he is KJ’s friend. Whatever it is, thumbs up to MP for showing LIVE ALL MATCHES..THEY SHUD SHOW MORE EPL MATCHES. Probably then nobody wud subscribe to astro alredi..hmm..then kenot also la..coz Maxis’ owner needs to do business also..and a good fren of government leaders. Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan must be frens wif the past and current Prime Ministers in order to sustain a healthy business climate. The bottomline is if u wanna do business in a country, u must have good PR and good rapport wif its leaders. Simple as ABC and 123. Okay, I shall stop!!

Last but not least, there are many other personalities like Datuk Patrick Lim Soo Kit who is called Patrick Badawi by Dr Mahathir. But all these Equine, Monsoon Cup and Batu Kawan development projects have all been highlighted by Raja Petra in Msia Today so im not going into those details..u can read urself. Not to mention MyTeam (more details in in Msian Soccer League which is propagated by KJ based on the interview after Nightline which I have mentioned earlier. Okay, thanks for reading, that’s all for now kayz… cheers evribadi!!! I hope u peeps are entertained by what I have written so far. Welcome to my world of “intellectual discourse and constructive criticisms”..hahaha.. btw, I took this phrase from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, my all time fav charismatic leader. Tun Dr M is my visionary leader. Pak Lah is my ‘Nice Guy’ Leader and KJ is certainly my ‘hero’!! hidup KJ!!! Liverpool v Man U in Final of CL 2007 possible? Haha, I love CL (memang ada standard!!!!)

N.B. Those morons out there pls dun insult other ppl’s name for instance calling Khir Toyo as Khir bin Toyol and Khairy as Beruk Hitam. I mean, there are other more gentle and subtle ways of calling ppl wurt..rite? and M Kayveas used to call Kit Siang and Po Kuan monyet in parliament. That is also a fucked-up thing to do, its insulting the good name of the House!!



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nice nice, ya lar..all this mudslingin g on khir toyo. not fair la, cannot just pick the people to sling mud at, should sling at DR MAHATHIR, TUN DAIM, NAJIB RAZAK, ALL THE BIG BOYS MAH

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apparently his dad’s name is joyo but then got mistake when daftar his ended up khir toyo

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