Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perak is indeed a failed state!

Not long ago, when the Barisan Nasional won about 92% of the majority in Parliament in 2004 under the Badawi regime, PAS in Kelantan almost got wiped out for it's concurrent DUN elections. The Kelantan MB, Nik Aziz Nik Mat has narrowly scrapped through with a 1 or 2 seat majority and since then nothing has changed. There was not even a single frog who dared to cross parties and hence bring down the PAS-led state government during that time. BN could have easily engineered the defections of 1 or 2 ADUNs from PAS to UMNO and Nik Aziz's administration would fall. But they will never get to do that. They will not succeed. Why? The answer is simple. Greed. Perak's politicians are a bunch of greedy and selfish people. They do not care about the rakyat;s welfare. All they care about is their pride, ego, wealth, Toyota Camrys, land for their cronies and so on and so forth. The rakyat's interests can go to hell for that matter.

As for the Kelantanese, they are known for their loyalty to their state and the government of the day. Kelantanese leaders accept the decision made by the rakyat. If the rakyat voted for PAS for that DUN, so be it, there will never be any defections vice versa. That is why although Kelantan may look poor, it is certainly never a failed state, unlike Perak. Perak is not only a failed state, but a failed society as well. Perak today has been reduced to ruins by ignorant and moronic politicians from both sides of the political divide. This impasse has taken its toll. Nobody is the clear government in Perak today and investments have since dropped in the state due to political instability. Although this Perak constitutional crisis has triggered the rakyat to be more aware of their surroundings, it must be made clear of the fact that, 'gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah tengah'. It is very clear that the politicians from BN and PR do not really suffer, it is the people who end up suffering the most in the end.

It is unacceptable that Perak has been reduced to a hell-hole (as Matthias Chang puts it). I have many lovely friends from Perak who are just normal citizens trying to live a peaceful life and expects earnest responsibility from the leaders they have elected. What happened in the Perak State Assembly is clearly childish and bullshit! It is time for them to stop this unnecessary drama and focus on the economy. PR, clearly, as RPK puts it, if you seem to lose the state, get out of the quaqmire now and help the rakyat, whether you are the government or opposition. Your position in the DUN does not change one bit because as wakil rakyats, you are supposed to serve the rakyat, regardless of political position. The notion that opposition lawmakers cannot serve the rakyat well due to inhibitions and lack of resources is utter rubbish. Many from the opposition had served with excellent distinction since Merdeka, and are well-known and acknowledged even among the establishment and government leaders of today. So please, behave like adults and concentrate on getting Perak to be the silver state it once used to be! Do not be blinded by gutter politics and dig your own grave deeper. The global financial tsumani has hit our shores!

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