Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Matthias will always label Anwar as 'Chow Kar'

The Perfect Trap For Anwar In Perak On May 7, 2009 - By Matthias Chang (5/5/09)
By Matthias Chang
Monday, 04 May 2009 21:05

Anwar and his storm-troopers are up to no good once again in Perak. His bloggers at the Malaysia Today website are working overtime spinning all sorts of rumours that would make Goebbels proud.

They are going to have a massive gathering when the State Assembly convenes on May 7, 2009 in the hope of provoking a crisis. Anwar wants maximum media coverage and he will get it if Barisan Nasional is stupid enough to react to his immature nonsense and provocation.

Enemies within UMNO are only too eager for a showdown to further Khairy’s long term agenda. Think about that.

So why should Barisan Nasional react to this provocation?

Anwar has to have noise, lots of noise to stay relevant. So why play his political game?

I would therefore advise the Prime Minister and his Home Minister not to deploy the FRU and or police to cordon off the access to the State Assembly. Agent-provocateurs will create situations that will compel the FRU and the police to react and you can be sure that the major dailies will have “police brutality” as their headlines!

By all means deploy three or four policemen to direct traffic, but no show of force.

Let the whole country see how Anwar’s fascist storm-troopers break the peace and their utter contempt for law and order. Should violence and or any untoward incidents were to happen, Anwar must take full responsibility and then let the law take its course.

Should the Barisan Nasional state assemblymen be prevented from taking their rightful place in the chamber by the Speaker, just turn round and walk out of the chamber with quiet dignity and let the rakyat see for themselves how the Pakatan Rakyat members behave.

Then let the law take its course!

Anwar’s provocation will fizzle out, a crisis diffused and you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be perceived as a Chow Kar.

Whenever Anwar provokes a fight, walk away.

Whenever his bloggers (especially those of the Malaysia Today pedigree) heap profanities, be assured that they are desperate and frustrated and are at a loss as to how to react to our silent counter-attack.

The more we control our emotional responses, cultivate patience and ignore their theatrics, the more desperate and frustrated will Anwar be and he will begin to make mistakes, even major blunders. Then the fun starts. His hidden ugliness will surface and before you know it, everyone will be pointing at Anwar, shouting, “the King has no clothes.” And what a sight!

Remember that Barisan Nasional has control of the major dailies.

Whenever Anwar and his storm-troopers get into the act, consign their theatrics to page 11 or whatever. As owners of the dailies, surely it is your absolute right to determine whether such childish politics should even be reported and if so, the extent of the coverage.

Be assured again that when Anwar is not getting his media coverage, he will lose his mind and embark on desperate measures to stay relevant.

That is when we will catch him by his dumb#@ls and knock him down for good.

Someone asked me why I do not get stressed whenever Malaysia Today bloggers heap profanities at me.


It means I had scored a bull’s-eye! And it has hurt them so much that the only reaction from such fascist zombies is to resort to profanities.

It is they who are getting stressed out. Just picture them striking the keyboard and swearing at the same time when posting their comments:

“I am going to get this son-of-a-b@#*h!”

“I am going to gun him down!”

“Why don’t you stop writing this silly stuff, you make me puke, you bas@#*d!”

If reading my article makes Anwar’s faggots puke, it sure is satisfying to know that they have been screwed big time. So who is having the last laugh?

So, Barisan Nasional I hope that you will have the last laugh and not Anwar.

Ignore that political charlatan and convicted criminal.


PS: If silent counter-attack, why reveal about the existence of the silent counter-attack in the first place...Anwar would know!

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