Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Matthias Chang's energy and quality time sucked out terribly in removing Mat Ngantuk and Mat Rempit

Time Out Until July '09 - Giving Benefit of Doubt to PM Najib - By Matthias Chang (29/4/09)
Matthias Chang
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 22:20

In my previous article, I said that if PM Najib avoids falling into the By-election trap deviously manipulated by Anwar Ibrahim, it would mark the defining moment of his administration.

There is an urgent need to address the financial and economic issues.

PM Najib is beginning to do just that.

But some of the measures are clearly not appropriate. However, I have decided not to criticize PM Najib, as my views have been clearly spelt out in my books and articles posted to my website.

July is only three months away and as I have stated that if things don’t get better by then, Barisan Nasional will be in deep shits.

Getting rid of Badawi has been an effort that took a lot of energy and quality time from my family. Many were involved in that effort and made huge sacrifices in the hope that things will change for the better.

We now have a new Prime Minister and a new administration.

Promises have been made and we will just have to wait and see whether they will be fulfilled.

The Countdown has begun. July is the dateline.

I wish the Prime Minister every success.

But if ………..

Your guess is as good as mine, if he fails to deliver.

I am giving myself three months time out to recharge my batteries, just in case, heavy work is needed again.

I hope not.

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