Friday, April 06, 2007

why MAS stands for Mother*&^%$£" Airline System

Dear fellow bloggers and commenters, be it anonymous or not, I thank you for all your comments and i appreciate them very very much. Thank you. You guys give me the hope, dedication and determination to keep expressing my freedom of speech in the virtual reality. Today I want to share something with you. The email below which I have sent to since 25 March 07 has not been replied until today.

Dear Customer Service,

I would like to claim back my cellphone roaming bills
so please advise how do I send the evidence and bills
to MAS. For your information, I was delayed for more
than 24 hours in Frankfurt (Flight MH005) which was
supposed to be departing on Feb 1, 2007 but due to a
fuel leakage problem, departed on Feb 2, 2007.

Thank you,
Passenger MH005 Frankfurt to KLIA.

NB: I will blog more about the delay and what actually happened with that MAS plane soon. For now, I think that MAS is either ignorant or in denial about this issue.


Maverick SM said...

I had just too many such delayed experience and they had never ever bothered.

I am most displeased with Idris Jala for the fact that he had made the service far worst than his predecessors.

Adrian Choo said...

Hope you succeed dude. Go go go!!

Anonymous said...

How can they reply when they have not open the mail box? At present they are responding to all e mails recieved before 31st Dec 1999 so you will have to wait for 8 years.