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What has the DAP-led PR Penang State Govt achieve in 2 years+

Comment from a Penangite on Pakatan's Report Card - 30 People Cen tric Policies by Penang State GovtShare
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gG is in no way connected in this but very encouraged by the analytical mind of the writer in presenting the truth of the CAT Government Penang. We hope our present leaders can use this approach to rebut the allegations and lies of LGE's lies and half truths to Penangites. Do not be quiet when you should be making noise.

Normally, I don't like to dabble with politics issues as I neither support PR or BN. However, in this case, I will make an exemption in terms of fairness. I will encourage you to get your friends to support if the below on the other side of the coins is what you think can be supported. Recently, pamphlets on the 30 People Centric Policies of the Penang State Government and they name this as the Penang PR's report card to 1.5 million Penangites. Since I am a Penangite, I am entitled to responds here. The report said that it has implemented 30 policies that benefited Penang. Sure, let's see how :

Under Enabling the People.
a) Providing disabled friendly facilities where Penang has been acknowledged by UNDP as the best in Malaysia. Yes, thanks to the Penang State Govt for further enhancing this but....
The truth is I thought some level of thanks should also be given to the previous state govt and the former MP of Bukit Bendera for example. Gurney Drive has started to provide such facilities way before 308 and how come there is no acknowledgement here ? Take all the good things and push the blame. CAT - Continuously Avoiding Truth (CAT).

b) Gender Friendly Program
Under the previous state govt I believed such initiative has already taken place. For example, the Invest Penang GM is already a lady who is a former HR Manager. As such, this is nothing new when another lady replaces this lady. As such, claiming this as part of the initiative now, hmmm... I wonder the truth. There is also State Exco for tourism - Kee PC who is a lady too. In addition, I believe Jahara at one time also holds an exco position.

Your take whether is this new or publicity stunt ?
Please do not get me wrong. I am not against putting ladies who are capable to lead but what I am saying is that this policy of putting capable ladies in driving position has begin under the previous state govt already.

c) Establishing women centres and child care centres to allow women to be independent.
Hmm... perhaps, Puan Sri Chui KP could help to provide inputs. In my knowledge, Bunga Tanjung has already started to provide some of this facilities via independent effort. In fact, there are more efforts and programs under the Bunga Tanjung associations.

,b>d) Establishing Penang Science Council.,/b>
Yes, good idea.
However, will they also acknowledge that under the previous state govt, there is also effort in the Penang K-Economy Council being established which spearhead a few of the programs ? In fact, Invest Penang was also the brain child of the previous state govt to established the industry and help investors.

Empowering the people:
a) Becoming the 1st state in Malaysia to restore the 3rd vote by asking the Elections Commissions to conduct local govt elections in Penang.
Hmmm... claiming credits for what it cannot delivered. Hello, asking anyone can also do. But implementing them is what the real challenge is. And... to add to my worries, this is called a success story.

Let me tell you that you dont have to depend on the Elections Commissions to conduct the elections. You can also do this unofficially like asking for local area candidates and get the communities to vote. You then need to appoint them only. Remember, today you are appointing your PR representative and some NGOs. NGOs appointment are good but perhaps, add this type of appointment to your list too to let it become great.

b) Open tenders
- Congratulations on savings the dollars.
What about PICC ?

By the way, if you can check with the previous state exco or councillors, open tender was also in practice already although there are cases that decisions were made for direct award and perhaps due to certain criteria or aspects.
Perhaps, a better way to put this is that you practice open tenders in much a greater scale than the previous BN govt. But is this claim correct too ?

c) Anti-Corruptions measures with RM 10K award for exposures and RM 10K award for reducing/simplifyng procedures to improve efficiency. Yes, bravo.
But then how many have taken this award. Please share the statistics and not the programs only.

d) Cancelling BN crony projects like PGCC.
But, if cancelling of PGCC is justifiable, why do we need PICC then ?
In directly, are you saying that Penang still needs a convention center ? I am confused and please share with me the difference.

e) Succeedding in protecting, preserving and promoting Georgetown as UNESCO World Heritage and restricting building height to 18 meters ?
Hmm.. how about the fiasco that was pointed out for the piece of land near the E&O hotel ?

f) Promoting of speaker's corner. Yes, this is good for promoting freedom of speech.

But then, when freedom of speech cannot be taken with open heart or further debates is bad. Remember, your political sec lead a PR team to demonstrate in front of the Penang Gerakan HQ because one of the youth leader said something about the Penang Govt. If the youth leader is incorrect in his speech, please correct him at the same speaker's corner by providing the actual truth and data.

Demonstration and provoking of others at their space is NOT a matured political landscape. Please be reminded that you are already a state govt machinery or you are planning to relinquish them soon ?

Enriching the people
a) Cancelling summons issues to hawkers and parking tickets before 308.
Huh... this is the best one. I am deeply hurt by this actions. What it meant was that GOOD Penangites like me who duely paid the parking summons by MPPP or MPSP is being punished but those who are delinquent will benefits. Can you explain what type of behaviour that you will like to encourage ?

Can I say that if we vote you in again, you will promise to cancel all the summons issues since 308 ? Meanwhile, can you also consider to pay me back the summons that I have paid prior to 308 if you are not punishing the good citizens.

Tell me honestly, is this for popularity govt or really sincere in helping its citizens ?

b) Becoming the 1st state to wipe out hard core poverty in Malaysia (every family in Penang received at least RM 500 per month).
Hmm... here is the gaps. I thought I still see people begging for money or perhaps, the RM 500 may not be enough or rather these people are not the citizens of Penang.

Here are some that should also be recorded :
a) The 2 huge walls that is an eyesore at the entrance of Botanical Garden. Is this a success story too that is not publish ?

b) The land issues that was debated on the TV and much publicized. However, to my amazement, NO ONE was ever charge. If there are corruptions or misuse of power, then someone needs to be charge and truth being revealed. I am still waiting though. Publicizing that there are corruptions but no one was charge is like spreading rumors.

Ooppsss... I better stop here as otherwise there maybe another big demonstration in front of my house.

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