Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The truth about Malaysians

Care for Some Poison?

I have to admit, these days I’m typically amused when I come across remarks and comments by Mahathir which the media somehow insists on reporting. I can understand the compulsion to report his remarks as there are some who continue to actually find him not only agreeable but downright inspiring!

I have to say while I’ve tended to ignore what he says – as far as I’m concerned, he rarely made any sense – I am compelled to note just how ‘supportive’ Mahathir seems to be of his prodigy. Coming to his defense that Najib needs more time to establish himself in light of the devastatingly low public approval the latter seems to be inflicted by, simply affirms what most of us already know about Mahathir’s judgment. Like Samy Vellu and his ilk here is another ‘has been’ who, in my book, offers very little of substance to offer.

Perhaps we need to give Najib more time to make about as much of a mess and create a few more scandals of the like we saw in the ‘glory days’ under Mahathirism. Perhaps we need to do more of the same so that we create more superficial development in Kuala Lumpur aided by friends of the regime, while the poor and the marginalized around the country continue to be left in the dust. Perhaps we need to give Najib a bit more time to have a few more financial scandals like the PKFZ. Perhaps we need a few more gimmick projects worth a few billion before we also say good-bye to Najib. Perhaps, like Mahathir, we also should give Najib more time to dig-in his heels and put in place some draconian measures to clamp down on free speech.

If you ask me, we’re already on our way on this last count. After all, our police force seems very competent at finding candle-light vigils and other forms of truly threatening illegal activity. What’s the point of engaging in policing petty matters like violent criminals, purse snatchers, torture by law enforcement, abuse of power, and other forms of crimes which actually victimize the public? Indeed, what a waste of Umnoputra resources that would be.

I suppose we should give Najib more time to prove himself just as capable as Mahathir of being a dictator where accountability never mattered. Say, maybe if we’re lucky, there could be another twenty-two years of this in-store for us. Let us all heed Mahathir’s advise – once again, no?

Imagine our good fortune then.

G. Krishnan


Dear G. Krishnan,

Whether you like it or not, or you care or not, TDM still plays a significant role in the Malaysian political landscape. As RPK and even Anwar admitted it, TDM is a 'political animal' and his contributions to Malaysia for 22 years are not to be dismissed lightly. There are no two ways about it. If people whom are known to be very opposed to TDM for putting them in jail (as what has happened to RPK and Anwar themselves) can say good things about him, then I guess that it must be something good TDM has done. After all TDM gave Pak Lah 2 years before he started to criticised him publicly (For 2 years, he was very quiet even 2 weeks after he gave way to Pak Lah, he already realised KJ was on top of everything). Samy Vellu has been told by TDM to retire together with him plus Ling Liong Sik, but did Samy ever listened? That is why TDM lamented before that there are 'people' who promised him that they will retire when their time is up, but reneged it. No, he continued to stay and as a result, he lost in his own constituency (stronghold), held since 1972. Najib may be seen as TDM's prodigy but if Najib tries to be hanky-panky and does not put this nation back in the right track, rest be assured that TDM will fire even more salvo at him. Some criticisms are already being given now thru pro-TDM blogs. In fact, before TDM started attacking Pak Lah, it was bloggers like RockyBru and JeffOoi (yes, now DAP but then he was supportive of TDM, and even now so, I believe) who faced the wrath of court cases by the NST regime of Kalimullah. TDM only came in when it seems there is overwhelming support to topple Pak Lah. In this sense, it is the people who got restless against pak lah and not really TDM. Do you think TDM would be that stupid to launch this attack on his own if there were no support for him at all?

While I agree with you that the police are now in a shameful and useless state, we must also note that candlelight vigils are also becoming a nuisance to society, it does not solve anything, merely to provoke police involvement to 'prove' the brutality of the police. These candlelight vigil organizers are not stupid, they are smart. They invited media all over the world to capture the news. They know that they are going to be arrested anyway due to the pressure by the police chief responsible for the case. Do you think the police chief has any choice? If you really want change, go get those 7-9 million Malaysians who do not even bother to be registered voters and vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Have a nationwide campaign to get voters to come out to vote in the next 13GE, have a proper strategy to win the hearts and minds of the young and old, instead of candlelight vigils.

Yes, Malaysia is a corrupted nation. But so are most of Asian Pacific countries, Asia breeds corruption, just like South America. That is why America is ever too happy to deal in these two continents. But what are Malaysians doing about it? They don't even bother to go out and vote and change the government. Truth is, many Malaysians are selfish and a bunch of hypocrites. They attack because it's convenient to attack, but when asked them how to solve the problem, they chickened out, saying it's not their problem or fault. Some who proposed great ideas before joining the government, then became a lame duck once in the government. If they really want to change anything, they would be in the government by now. They would not use lame excuses such as racial quotas, biasness, government bureaucracy etc. Action is better than mere talk. TDM proved that, at least. He did not just talk, he acted, and action is what we all need. TDM did not promise an end to corruption, Pak Lah did and he did not deliver on that promise, Pak Lah asked us to work with him, not for him. Did we? Did he work with us then? Or just like any greedy politician, he took the nation's wealth all by himself?

Target the message and NOT the messenger. Nobody is perfect. TDM has certainly 'eaten salt more than all of us, eaten rice' as the Chinese would say. I'm just being objective. Equate him with Zimbabwe or Mugabe by all means. Equate him with a police state. Equate him with ISA and police brutality. Equate him with all the malaise in Malaysia. So does Najib. But what the majority of Malaysians are doing about it? Will they step up in apolitical terms to champion a better Malaysia? That is certainly a food for thought. I wonder why Malaysians are so relaxed compared to their Thai, Indon and Phillippines counterparts? Either BN is still doing a relative good job in putting the average people in the street happy or the people couldn't just be bothered and Malaysia can go to the dogs for all they care!

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