Thursday, June 11, 2009

Singapore - it's all about the money!

Why Is Lee Kuan Yew Strutting The Length and Breath of Malaysia? - By Matthias Chang (12/6/09)
By Matthias Chang
Friday, 12 June 2009 03:51

To many anti-colonial fighters of the third world, Lee Kuan Yew was contemptuously referred to as “ivory-skin Englishman”. He was and still is perceived as the lackey of the British power elites.

Malaysians can still recall the manner in which Lee Kuan Yew tried to wrest political power from Tunku and how he tried to supplant the MCA as the political party representing the Chinese. He was derisive of Tun Tan Siew Sin as not being a pure Chinese and as such not fit to represent the Chinese community.

However, the Chinese saw through his devious schemes and rejected emphatically PAP’s politics. Lee Kuan Yew thought he could out-maneuver Tunku and become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But Tunku beat him at his own game and he was expelled from Malaysia.

Considering himself to be intellectually superior to Tunku, he could not accept that he was defeated so resoundingly by Tunku. He was devastated. When he announced that Singapore would be separated from Malaysia, he broke down uncontrollably. This was only to be expected as his dreams of being the Overlord of Malaysia, comprising of Peninsula Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah was shattered and he has to be content with being a bully of a city state!

Given such a traumatic experience, and possessing a vindictive disposition, it is a given that Lee Kuan Yew would harbour a secret agenda against Malaysia. And over the years, he has sowed and continue to sow discord among the races in Malaysia.

It was reported that one of the reasons for his recent visit to Malaysia is to find out how the Chinese are faring in Malaysia.

What arrogance!

The Chinese community in Malaysia has no need of a Lee Kuan Yew to meddle in its affairs or wellbeing. The Chinese community working with the other communities is more than able to look after themselves.

Why is there a need for such an elaborate programme – meetings with the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, an audience with the Agong, the Sultan of Perak and more meetings with other political leaders?

The picture of Lee Kuan Yew and the leaders of MCA displayed in the front page of Sin Chew Jit Poh says it all – why, may I add, was he wearing a traditional Chinese attire? And why were the leaders of MCA so willing to honour him when he had tried to topple Tun Tan Siew Sin at a critical juncture of our history?

I take the view that had Lee Kuan Yew succeeded in toppling Tun Tan Siew Sin, and PAP supplanted the MCA, social turmoil would have ensued and we as a nation would not have been able to achieve our present status.

No country is perfect and devoid of problems. We had our fair share, but we are better off without Lee Kuan Yew.

Malaysians must be vigilant. Lee Kuan Yew cannot be trusted and while Singapore is our neighbour and a member of ASEAN, we must never forget that Singapore has never ceased to dictate terms to Malaysia whenever she perceives Malaysia as being weak.

Do not forget the 1997 financial crisis and how Singapore treated us when we were in need.

Today, Singapore is reeling under the weight of the global financial tsunami, but Lee Kuan Yew is behaving as if Singapore has a bottomless vault of financial goodies, ever ready to invest in Malaysia as a favour.

We don’t need Singapore’s money!

Malaysia don’t need any favours from Singapore!

And Malaysians have no need for a Lee Kuan Yew telling us how to develop our country!

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vinnan said...

If Malaysia does not need Singapore money, why is LKY in Malaysia. Malaysian authorities are falling over themselves showing him how non-Taliban Kelantan is and the 'serenity' of Perak. Moreover, Najib went to China to carry communist balls to convince the Chinese to invest in Malaysia. Wakeup asshole UMNO is selling Malaysia to Singapore because UMNO has ruined the finances of Malaysia. 'Ketuanan Melayu' is desperate for money and they will sell their own mother if they can. Malay greed coupled with stupidity prompted the British to restrict Malay land from being sold or rented to non-Malays? Many Malays have become smarter since independence but UMNO wants the Malay to remain stupid so that they can sell Malaysia to Singapore. UMNO hero of Malay Tuans cannot be seen to be prostituting the Malays to Singapore so they arranged for LKY to 'tour' Malaysia. What a pile of shit. Matthias tell Mahathir UMNO is going to fuck the Malays so blue this time that they will be enslaved by a foreign power again and he will see this happen in his lifetime.