Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The yin and yang of politics

The Chinese have a believe that everything in our universe consist of Yin and Yang. Yin is the exact opposite of Yang and vice versa. If we were to look at the Yin Yang logo, it is also represented by two colours, namely black and white. Many believe that white is good and black is bad. Whichever way you look at it, the bottomline is that Yin and Yang had not separated, are not separated, and will never be separated. Yin and Yang exist in a balance in our universe. In science, one of Newton's laws states that action and reaction equal to the opposite. It simply means if you are pushing a wall, the wall may not move but there is indeed a 'hidden' force pushing u back in the opposite direction from the wall with the same magnitude. Looks like science and believe seem to have some similarities.

This applies for politics as well. While we experience ups and downs in our country's or any other country's political process, one thing is for certain, there can never be a state of Utopia. There will always be good and bad. It is the human-being who chooses which path to follow. If they chose to be good, they will be rewarded. If they chose to be bad, they will be punished. Does this always hold true? There is a peribahasa which says, 'Buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat dibalas jahat.' But in this increasingly materialistic world that we are living now, are you not surprised if the number of people undergoing 'Buat baik dibalas jahat, buat jahat dibalas baik' become increasingly common? This is the yin and yang of politics. Where murderers get away with murder, corruptors get away with corruption, abusers get away with abuses and so on and so forth. If you were to ask any religious figure, the sins or bad deeds a person has done will be judged by God and not for us to judge. Then simply ask ourselves a question: Why do we have prisons and jail cells and gallows and firing squads?

Yes, you may argue that in any society we need rules and laws and regulations to govern a society. So law enforcers and law enforcement are needed. But that is not the issue, the issue is why when people condemned a guilty person, it is perceived that God will surely hate that person too. And usually before any executions take place, the religious authority will say 'May God forgive you in the afterlife'. Who are we to judge the condemned prisoner? So does that mean if he or she is wrongly executed then the executioner will go to Hell? Or if the person who is guilty walks free from the courts, will he eventually end up in Hell when the person dies? Or if he repents in time, will he be given a chance to go to Heaven? This is exactly what is happening around us today, in the cruel and brutal world of politics, where survival of the fittest matters and nothing else. There will always be lucky ones who are free from 'society's punishment' and those who are rightly and wrongly punished. Again, Yin and Yang if you picture it in mind: Guilty vs Innocent, if guilty, rightly punished or wrongly punished; if innocent, rightly free or wrongly free. We are talking about real world here. So what is justice then when the wrongs outdo the right? Those really guilty will never be found guilty forever as the evidences have been destroyed or case closed.

It is indeed sad to have to say that this is life. In life, everywhere you go, everywhere you live, everywhere you work, it is all about politics. Politics exist in the real world and will always contain the Yin's and the Yang's. This delicate balance of good and bad exist to maintain the equilibrium of nature until Earth is exhausted of all its resources. The world would be a super dull place if there are only all Yins and no Yangs or all Yangs and no Yins, don't you think so?

Moral of the story : Accept that life is unfair, then move on and make each day the best out of it...for Yin and Yang will always be around whether you like it or not.

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