Saturday, March 24, 2007

Inculcating Reading

A few days ago, a newspaper carried a report on DPM Najib Razak about his hobby. His hobby is reading. He reads during his past time. He owns a large collection of about 3000 titles in his personal library at home. There was a picture of him flipping the pages of a book. He also mentioned that he loves Dan Brown's collection and that those are still brand new and the wrappers yet to be opened. He said he is reading a Jeffrey Archer's book and that he loves Blue Ocean Strategy so much that he bought the books for all his staff members. Yes, this is the spirit we need to see. The love for books is a good thing.

But hang on, sir. Look again. You miss something big. Najib wouldn't be able to go to Kinokuniya or MPH or Borders or Popular or any bookstore to view the books he loves. This is due to his so-called 'super hectic' schedule. So he can get his personal assisants to get the books for him anytime. Does he know how much a typical Dan Brown novel costs in Malaysia? There is a saying which goes 'Compare like with like, apple with apple'. So let us compare one-on-one, i.e. RM1 = 1 euro, we can buy The Da Vinci Code paperback cover by Corgi Publisher for 6.99 pounds. is it RM6.99 in Malaysia? No it's not. It's RM32.90 in Malaysia. So how are we gonna inculcate the reading habit when the price is kinda absurd?

And don't ever bullshit buy converting 7pounds = RM49 so it's more expensive than RM32.90 coz that's just plain bull.
And don't ask poor people like me to buy second hand books or borrow in the library. Foreign books must be tax-free and real cheap, if not just forget about the whole agenda about promoting reading. As they say, "Membaca Jambatan Ilmu".


Anonymous said...

Every goddamn Malaysian can have a private library with 3,000 titles like DPM Najib Razak PROVIDED those goddamn Malaysians have an income like the DPM. Hell, I can buy The Da Vinci Code with gold-plated cover if I have the DPM's income

Anonymous said...

Ya i agree, to encourage reading, the books should be free of tax or be subsidize...our government has been subsidising too much money in hospital giving out free medicine and service (which in a sense ppl lost the thought of prevention is better than cure).

Anonymous said...

Don't put too much hope in hospitals giving out free medicine and service--- big changes are being planned by our 'caring' gomen for the stupid rakyat. It seems in the near future, those who do not purchase medical insurance will be denied service by the public hospitals

irium said...

I agree wholeheartedly that books should be cheaper, much much cheaper. It shouldn't take a day's work at McD's to buy one book. And that's the ridiculous prices of novels, I imagine textbooks which are abt 50GBP and more must cost a year's salary. Pardon the arithmetical exaggeration.

Local libraries would be a big plus. I was a frequent visitor at the various book rental stores in KL cos that was the only way I could afford reading. I fondly recall the store in Bangsar and also trekking frm Tmn Desa to Subang Parade for a larger selection. Ohh.. and there was the one in town.... Wisma Wesley? Is there even such a place? Alamak, getting old liao. And this was the time before lrt etc.. so it was public bus or whining at, sorry, negotiating with my mom for her excellent driving services.

With the Msian habit of reading in the toilet.. don't really fancy second books too much =/

So more local libraries + lowering prices on books. OR discounts for students etc. OR students from low income family get RM200 (?) per month on book vouchers.

Totally sokong!!

Ooops.. forgot libraries wasn't an option.. alright, all books should be free!!