Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Satire-gate Extraordinaire

The Satire-gate Extraordinaire: A Joke Gone Overboard?


Even a joker has its limits. That’s right. One must be able to draw the line where true satire ends and where sensitive criticism begins. This has been the failure of the Teresa Kok’s Chinese New Year video interview which has drawn so much flak and response from both sides of the political divide. These people cannot pretend to be in denial that such action will not provoke the anger of those who had sacrificed their lives in the Lahad Datu incident. As adults, you are fully responsible for your actions especially if the Youtube video goes viral and becomes public property. Anyone is entitled to lodge a police report or protest and demonstrate if they find the video offensive to them as long as it is within legal and decent limits.


Hence, the hoo-haa about this incident of an NGO offering a bountiful price to slap the politician in the video. In the first place, do expect this backlash if you were the one itching to make fun of them. Secondly, if you are really facing a critical situation such as facing real terrorists and extremists, would you think it is a joke anymore? Thirdly, these “actors” have no sense of decorum at all. Do you see PM Najib Razak go viral in a video and condemn Pakatan leaders? Do you see Najib in Youtube making funny interviews on the Pakatan leaders? If not, then why must the DAP leaders create such ruthless videos to attack the PM and the federal government of the day?


Remember, for every action there is an equal if not more powerful reaction. You have made your bed, now go lie on it. Because of this so-called political satire, the racial gap is widening and who then is the true cause of the demolition of the racial unity fabric in Malaysia?  Someone once said, “The DAP cyber troopers are worse than the communists.” Now what does that tell you? Tunku Aziz, the former special adviser to Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations said he does NOT trust DAP leaders at all. Now what does that tell us? A man who is bestowed such highly acclaimed credentials in the international arena being in-charged of setting up the UN Ethics Office is saying that DAP is “unethical”, so what does that tell all of us?


The truth is, these fanatics and chauvinists cannot be trusted, not even one single bit. They will bite the hand that feeds them, they will not acknowledge you anymore once you are of no use to them, and they will not even care for your well-being once they are in power. These jokers are only crazy for power and Putrajaya is their ultimate prize. Hence they think that since 53% of the rakyat is supporting them, they think Putrajaya is within grasp by the next general election. But then again, with such attitude especially those video-makers and many more irresponsible, unintelligent comments from the Pakatan supporters, it is not surprising that they will not be able to run the nation well in bringing progress and development to this country.


Look at the track record. The track records speak for themselves. A lot of people in the Penang Free Industrial Zone will be losing their jobs and yet they still have the mood to joke here and there. Investments are down according to MIDA statistics and since the state government loves to say MIDA is a federal government agency, look at the real situation. Apart from the FIZ which Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu has engineered to bring jobs into the state, what has the current Chief Minister done to provide more jobs and increase the income of Penang workers? And we do not need a Malaccan-born joker to lead Penang. As they say, “Why ah? Penang got no more local talent ka?”


Look at Selangor now. It is also a joke too. Because Joker No.1 and Joker No.2 is having some in-fighting, hence Joker No.3 had to intervene and parachute into Kajang to become the so-called Menteri Besar as his launchpad to Putrajaya (again “Why ah? Selangor got no more local talent ka?”)


We can keep going on and on but the fact is Pakatan Rakyat is nothing more than a pact of Pakatan Lawak. They make fun of Barisan Nasional every day without realising their own emperor is naked. They condemn and criticize Najib Razak and anyone who is not in line with their lost ideology and rubbish philosophy. Instead of offering true concrete solutions for the betterment of the nation, they jump at every opportunity to belittle the work of the federal government, as if everything they do is correct and everything the government do is wrong and must be condemned.


You are the real jokers who have gone overboard in messing up this whole socio-political foundation which has taken time to be built since Independence. Now just because the rakyat is so-called behind your back, you assume you are given the mandate and green light to rule. You think you are very great. You think you are the only correct one. You think all those who disagree with you must be ridiculed, condemned and vilified. But when we touch you a little bit, you scream and cry baby as if the whole world owns you a living. You are not only the real jokers, but the real losers as well!


You have lost the plot even before the game has started. Now go home and lick your wounds…


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