Thursday, May 06, 2010

Politics is About Perception - Dr. Tan

"Anybody who does not understand that politics is about perception, does not understand politics."

Dr. Tan Seng Giaw is the most senior DAP Member of Parliament in the Federal Territory. He first contested and won the Kepong parliamentary seat in 1982 and there's been no stopping him ever since. Politics aside, Dr. Tan is a dermatologist by profession and interestingly the following interview was conducted at his clinic in Petaling Jaya.

Dr Tan is a man of facts and figures. In an interview with Klik4Malaysia, he told us that he is only interested in talking about policies rather than dwelling on politics. Also, he shared with us his views about his role being the Deputy Chairman of the often-misunderstood parliamentary select committee, PAC (Public Accounts Committee), of which he spoke in length about the issue of the stolen Royal Air Force jet engines and the ongoing PKFZ scandal, which he was part of the investigation committee.

Commenting on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's performance and his Government Transformation Program (GTP) initiatives, while most opposition leaders chose to be sceptical or cynical towards the GTP and NKRAs, Dr. Tan in the meanwhile offered fresh views and hoped that the Prime Minister succeeds. In his own words he said;

"That is of the good of the nation if he can succeed" said Dr. Tan.

On politics, he is optimistic that Malaysia is moving towards the right path. He further explained that DAP's new slogan "Middle Malaysia" is mainly about moderation.

"We will take a more moderate and middle path. What we want to stress is that moderation is the key word" said Dr. Tan.

Responding to a question on how Pakatan Rakyat can be a better and viable alternative to Barisan Nasional, Dr. Tan said that although change is needed, Malaysia cannot afford a revolution.

"Change must be in the form of a peaceful evolution" he added.

Dr. Tan did not discount the possibility that Pakatan Rakyat might have its own logo, but was quick to point out that DAP, PAS and PKR each has its own logo which have long been well recognised by their supporters.

"So, we have to take all these into considerations. Anybody who does not understand that politics is about perception, does not understand politics." he concluded.

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