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MCA: The modern day of 'The Praise of Folly'

Barisan Nasional Will Pay A Heavy Price For The MCA Fiasco! - By Matthias Chang (9/3/10)
By Matthias Chang
Monday, 08 March 2010 21:02

The Kingmakers of the MCA whether within or without, have always paid a heavy price at the General Elections when they insulted and abused the intelligence of the Chinese voters and the community as a whole.

The comedy of the Deputy President, Chua Soi Lek and the Vice-President, Liow Tiong Lai boycotting the party’s AGM, sheepishly followed by the heads of the Youth and Women’s wings is an indication how far down these leaders have degenerated into the gutter level of subservient politics.

One cannot but question the motives of these political comedians when they and their supporters submitted their resignation as Central Committee members a few days before the party’s AGM. These same political charlatans have previously agreed to hold the AGM on March 7th, 2010.

The AGM is the highest decision making body of the party, for that matter any organisation. So what was it that instilled so much fear (or what were the inducements offered by Kingmakers) that they deemed it fit to scuttle the AGM at the 11th hour?

Whatever may be the case, their very actions have smeared the integrity of the party which they have professed to protect and redeem as a result of the political defeat suffered in the last General Elections in March, 2008.

In their attempts to embarrass and humiliate the President, they have actually insulted the Chinese community by their infantile theatrics!

They could still have their elections after the AGM, by having 21 members of the Central Committee resign in accordance with the party’s constitution.

But, it is a reflection of their stupidity and mental subservience to outside forces to think that by toppling the Party President, party unity will be achieved by a new team of second rate leaders, not yet matured enough to assume leadership roles.

Time after time, when the Barisan Nasional was perceived as having screwed up the electorate, the Chinese voters would take it out on the MCA even though the party may not be responsible for the mistakes made.

In 1999, when the Malay voters swung to Anwar, the Chinese rallied behind Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for his tremendous efforts in overcoming the financial crisis of 1997/1998 by way of showing their appreciation.

The voters swung against the Barisan Nasional in March, 2008 because of the inept and corrupt leadership of the fifth Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi. But MCA and Gerakan paid heavily for Badawi’s mistakes.

It is utmost stupidity if not political suicide to humiliate MCA when the non-Bumiputera and non-Muslims voters have yet to swing back to the Barisan Nasional. It may be that the Kingmakers take the view that a compliant MCA will help make UMNO look stronger and in control, thereby securing back Malay votes. There may be other considerations but if the net result is the humiliation of MCA, then it is a strategic blunder and it will be next to impossible to win back the support of the Chinese voters. If the Kingmakers really think that non-Muslims votes are irrelevant, think again. Swing votes win elections, especially when the opposing parties are evenly matched.

Be assured that the likes of Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun will be defeated in the next General Elections.

I forecasted the massacre of MCA candidates in the March 2008 elections, on the Wednesday preceding polling day and I was proven right.

Count on it that I will be spot on in my forecast again for the next General Elections. And because of this fiasco, the result of stupid meddling of kingmakers within and without MCA, there will be a hung Parliament, a first in Malaysian politics!

Why this stupidity?

Barisan Nasional is forewarned!

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