Saturday, May 31, 2008

So the rumour that KJ actually went to Anwar's house is true after all

Can you tell us the real story on how you joined Umno?

By Ezam Mohd Nor

There is a huge difference with what is being said about me meeting Umno leaders before the recent general election and the one before the 2004 election on my decision to join Umno. In 1999, after I was arrested under ISA (Internal Security Act), there were no efforts to pull me back into Umno. Later, there were attempts to get me to leave PKR and join Umno. I reject it at that time. My principle was that I will not make a deal while I am still in prison.

I was released in 2003 and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became prime minister. He is different from Dr Mahathir (Mohamad). Mahathir’s approach is to pressure where by the more you fight him, the more he will pressure you. But Abdullah’s approach is to pull. That is why during the 2004 election, there were attempts to pull me back to Umno.

I saw that as an opportunity then to deal for Anwar Ibrahim’s freedom, at least to allow him to seek medical treatment overseas. At that time, Anwar was in critical condition. After discussing with other party members, they felt that priority must be given to save Anwar’s life. So we decided to initiate discussions with Umno leaders.

Those I met included Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, Muhammad Muhd Taib (both former Selangor MBs) and Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin (former minister). This was carried out with Anwar’s knowledge. In my second meeting with Khir Toyo, Anwar told me to bring along PKR leaders to the discussion as witnesses - Kamarul Baharin Abbas, Abdul Rahman Osman and Johari Abdul. Four of us went to meet Khir Toyo and I led the discussions. This was all before the 2004 general election.

So we met at Khir Toyo’s house and our stand was any deal must start with freeing Anwar, at least to get him medical treatment. When Khir Toyo could not commit, we backed out. He told us to contest and join the party but we said no. We are not interested in what we will get. Our focus is clear.

Then we met with Aziz with 12 other people and the same thing happened. He could not commit so I ended the conversation there. Some friends carried on the negotiations and joined Umno but I can understand that those were tough days and they had financial problems. I could not stop them but we’re still friends. I see that as a form of betrayal.

After the 2004 election, Anwar’s health got worse. BN won big and Dr Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail) then asked me to work on getting Anwar out and to open negotiations. We tried all sorts of ways. I met with Rahmah Osman (former deputy minister) who was then close to Abdullah and who was sympathetic to us. We sent a group of people to see the Muslim muftis (clerics) and Umno leaders close to the PM but the message did not reach him.

One day, a foreign reporter told me, ‘if you want to get to the PM, you get Khairy (Jamaluddin)’. I didn’t know Khairy. I must put this on record since there are so many allegations about me and him. This was about May or June 2004. So I tried to find Khairy through contacts in London and in the end I got it and I met him. That’s where my relationship with Khairy started.

I told him about our concerns for Anwar’s health and to pass this message to PM. After two meetings, he arranged a meeting between Wan Azizah and PM at PM’s office. I don’t know the details as I did not go in but it was basically about Anwar’s health. The first concern was to put Anwar permanently in hospital because at that time he was being tranferred in and out of prison. Right then, Abdullah picked up the phone, called the health minister and ordered to take Anwar out on the spot. We also asked for Anwar to receive overseas treatment but he was non-committal about that. Then lastly, we asked Abdullah not to interfere with Anwar’s trial unlike Mahathir. He gave his commitment not to interfere with the trial.

I still met with Khairy after that to get Anwar overseas medical treatment. Khairy tried and there was an agreement to send Anwar for treatment in Singapore instead of Germany. At first Wan Azizah did not agree but when I met Anwar, he said okay. According to Khairy, Abdullah agreed to this but the attorney-general challenged that it was against the provisions of the laws. So it did not materialise.

After a while, the court fixed a date for the appeal so we ceased discussions until the judgment. As it turned out, Anwar was released so as a courtesy I told Khairy about it and he asked if there was anything else he could do. I asked Anwar and Anwar said he wanted his passport back. So I told Khairy and that night alone, Khairy came over to Anwar’s house with the passport. So that is the incident when Khairy visited Anwar’s house.

I want to stress, the entire process was about saving Anwar’s life, not about any deal. I thought Anwar would come to my defence when people linked me to Khairy because they all knew. In fact I rejected all offers and remained steadfast to get Anwar out. After Anwar was free, there were no more dealings. I did not meet Khairy again. In fact he was afraid to see me because he was suffering from fierce criticisms at that time. We ceased our relationship.

In 2005, I had problems with the party and I started to distant myself from the party and set up Gerak (People’s Anti-Corruption Movement). There was no deal until this general election in March. Before this, friends tried to get me back into Umno but I rejected them all. Friend from PAS sincerely wanted me to contest in a safe seat in Kelantan but I rejected that too. Why? Because I was focused on reforms.

In 2008, there were invitation for me to run but I rejected those offers because I did not see any reforms in Umno worth joining back. At that time, I felt I was pushing for reforms more effectively through civil society with Gerak. After the new election tsunami, efforts were made by Abdullah and that is a significant move for reforms on the judiciary and corruption. I said these reforms are fundamental and I’m confident that it will open up the space and that’s why they arranged a meeting between me and Abdullah about a month ago.

If you want to call it a deal then, that’s the first deal to join Umno. After a two-hour meeting, I truly believe he is committed to reforms and he asked me to join Umno. It took me a week to discuss and talk it over with friends and family, so I made my decision in the end to join Umno. This is the whole process that took place.

Comments: In Malaysia, 99% of the rumors end up to be the truth. 1% unsure but also likely to be the truth.


Anonymous said...

Such "news" from Ezam is the political reality of today. We Malaysians have to face it - whether we like it or not. That at the end of the day, it will still be UMNO. In this case, a reformed UMNO and hopefully, it stands for United Malaysian National Organisation.

We had been through 22 years of dictatorial rule with strong underlying racist sentiments. Its chapter in history is closed. There are, unfortunately, remnants abundance of that culture age in the Corridor of Power. They have to go. Those who still want to prolong the Malaysian Rasputin era have to be removed. It is like gangrene in a body. March 8th had proven to the world that Malaysians had grown up by and large.

We are all very good at passing judgement without putting ourselves in the shoes of those we judged. It is like criticisng and judging a teacher as being useless when he has a class of pure retards which he cannot transform into aces. And it is no different like condemning a high priest for not creating holy saints out of a den of thieves and devils.

Reformists for a new Malaysian Malaysia must be allowed to start its growth. And hopefully, the nation can be cleansed of its 22 years of sinners.

There is the PKR groupings now after March 8th. There are enough in the existing UMNO who wants an honest Malaysia rebuilding to its initial glory. They will all eventually work together to achieve this objective, hopefully for the betterment of all in this country. Just believe that.

So Malaysians - think ! Who can do the cleanings ? Who can put the AG clowns into their rightful places ? Who can get the PDRM back into its righteousness ? Who can ensure the judiciary for once is able to serve out what it should be serving out ? And above all, who can ensure that whatever happens henceforth, the country economic status should not be ruined by just mere power struggle and politicking ?

We do not need 360 degrees to get things turned around for all that we already have. We don't need to wait another 2 generations before we can have righteous Malaysians to lead Malaysia gloriously. We need sincere hard working waylaid clowns who are prepared to change themselves for the better of all to get things moving and to get back into the right path NOW.

And amidst the wayang kulits and innuendos and what have you, I believe there are some brainy ones who are really now working themselves out quietly as reformists.

At the end of the day, believe you me, those discards would be back in the fold and would rule - and hopefully, reformation is truly and sincerely on the agenda.

That is the hope and the dream that true blue Malaysians can only hope will materialise sooner than later.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

'reforms', 'reforms'. That word was thrown around much in the article, but had no subsistence. Only reforms i heard since the election were:

1) ISA, OSA are here to stay
2) New Cabinet with new crooks.
3) racial politics up a few notches
4) petrol price hike
5) systematic persecution of bloggers and corporate suppression of mainstream media

Ezam, i think you must mean the RM2 million 'reform'

bexe said...

This simply confirms that KJ has influence. It also shows that he can deliver. Not many young guns can deliver. Pity he is the SIL.
Like him or hate him, he is someone we need to watch in the future. Under different circumstances, he could offer the nation some needed leadership.

Anonymous said...

Very noble and I believe PM is sincere in reform but to what extend? Too many in UMNO are corrupt, so UMNO run Government cannot be TRANSPARENT. How about RACIAL reforms, how about equality of the races, how about genuine reform to help all the poor irrespective of race. How about making sure rich bumi don't get subsidise housing anymore, making non bumi subsidise the rich bumi. As long as UMNO carry on the way they do, the country will go down the drain, so don't kid us all as there are too much at stake for UMNOPUTRA to give up for real reforms.

malaysian sabahan said...

Sudahlah tu Ezam,apa mau ungkit perkara lama.Kalau kau percaya yang kau ditakdirkan menjadi pemimpin pasti itu akan berlaku.Sekiranya kau tidak berniat jahat, tuhan pasti akan kabulkan niat yang baik tetapi sebaliknya kalu tujuan kau nak menjatuhkan seseorang dengan taktik yang kotor dan niat berunsurkan syaitan, maka api neraka akan menunggu saudara.

Anonymous said...

So, it is true then that if you need money, you should join UMNO. How is it that a political party can help you with your financial problems?

Anonymous said...

You are either lying to us or too stupid to detect AAB lies. He lies as a habit now.

Anonymous said...

Ezam, u'd said what u've to say. How u justified so many years believing how corrupt the BN govt. was and how ineffective Pak Lah was handling the nation's affairs and delivering his promises. Just after two hours talk with him, it was sufficed to get u to cross over. Amazing! Please dont take us for a ride.

Mr. Smith said...

"Friend from PAS sincerely wanted me to contest in a safe seat in Kelantan but I rejected that too. Why? Because I was focused on reforms."
I reckon you chose not to contest that safe seat because you did not, like me, expect PKR/PAS/DAP to win big.

Honestly, did you expect Pakatan Rakyat to do that well on March 8?

I think it would have been easier to carry out your reform agenda through the Opposition NOT through UMNO.

True, Abdullah, may want to see reform but he himself is facing tremendous resistance from within his own party.

It befuddles my mind how you will stand up to the 'anti-reform guys' and succeed in what you set out to do.

Even your application to rejoin UMNO is being challenged!

Ezam, UMNO is a cess pool. It is incorrigible.

My prediction is you will fail in your mission but since you seem sincere and honest, I wish you luck.
Yes, you need a lot of it.

Anonymous said...


The political tsunami did actually happen, and what is happening in Malaysia, is actually happening. What I cannot understand is, why at this time, is the people in power trying to contemplate how much intelligence its people really have.

Yes, most of Malaysian, and others with blue identity cards can't think clearly about what is actually happening in Malaysia, but what about us, those who have no intention to be dragged into politics, but because the system has forced us to jump into the river and try to divert its course, we are in politics.

I can see clearly your intention to join UMNO, and Anwars intention is allowing you to join UMNO, yes, you have been right all this time, it is Anwar that calls the shots, and its him that is steering this country. If you want to change that, you need to challenge one of the 3 VP posts in UMNO. That will finally cause a ripple.

UMNO youth is nothing. A favour for a favour. Don't let that mislead you. It has already been agreed upon.


Anonymous said...

Rumour? What rumour?

This is old news! And nothing odd about it either!

Fancy trying to put a twist with the supposedly surprising headline!

Go and find something more juicy, OK?

Anonymous said...

You mean you need to be connected to get treatment? Is it not inhumane not to give medical treatment when a particular case requires it? What if that person dies?

Yes, I know our friend is in prison but the same rules of humanity still applies, do you not agree?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you have done for Anwar, his family and PKR. My regret is that you choose to join Alif Mim Nun Wau=Sarkis(Pendekar Bujang Lapok). I however respect your choice of affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe in Pak Lah plan? None of the plan works so far for the last 5 years or so. You are typical malay - impress by the plan. We should see the changes first then make the move. Belum apa2 dah impress?. Sebab tu melayu tak boleh maju. Kerja nak senang, duit nak banyak. Ada project pi gadai kan orang lain. Bukannya nak buat sendiri. Dok lawan elok2, tiba2 tukaq angin. Prinsip yg dipegang, digadai semata2 utk 2juta. Sungguh murah pengorbanan tuan. Ingat baik2 - duit yang banyak esok bukan boleh wak masuk kuboq. Apakah nawaitu kita yang penting. Senang kat dunia belum tentu lagi senang kat alam sana..

Anonymous said...

Very good. The Rakyat is waiting for these reforms to happened. Time will tell

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that your 'reformasi' intentions are true. You think you could reform those huge numbers of corrupted and racist holy cows in UMNO (no need to heed the other BN parties coz' as long as UMNO is clean, transparent, non-racial and has high integrity the rest of the puppets will follow) by acting as a LONE RANGER? Then a lot of good luck to you & god bless you. Most importantly, the No.1 criterion, you must have a good and righteous conscience yourself. Don't be betrayed by your own inner greed. The DEVIL inside most of us that is most difficult to surmount. GOOD LUCK.

Anonymous said...

if you are in financial difficulties, join UMNO. This is an undeniable fact now. So Ezam, how much are you better off now?

Unknown said...


Sudahlah. This is just a coy to dissassociate yourself from KJ, part of your attempt to win back UMNO youth members, and later hoping that they'll vote you back to leadership ladder. Porrrah!!! Cakap tak serupa bikin. Lembut lidah berkata-kata, lain dimulut lain di hati. You, Anwar, KJ are politicians of the same brand - mementingkan diri sendiri. Sick of people like you.