Monday, January 28, 2008

Of rockets, half moons and full moons..

Dear all, I appreciate all you comments and admit that it is difficult to maintain my blog due to tight schedules and lack of time. anyway, rest be assured that i do surf Malaysia-Today a few times a day to keep abreast of the latest news.

Dear Din, thanks for your constructive criticisms from time to time. Hope this will be a good piece for your blog.

Today I would like to write about rockets, half moons and full moons. No, I am not going to the moon by a rocket nor am I harboring any ambition to fly to the moon. Read in between the lines and you will discover that these three symbols represent the three main opposition political parties in Malaysia. Yes, what I mean by rockets, half moons and full moons are DAP, PKR and PAS. After 50 years, is it ripe to change the government? Perhaps it is required as part and parcel of a healthy democratic process to ensure good governance, integrity and accountability. But it is more than that. The citizens' future are at stake. Is this the country we want to leave behind for our future generation when we are long gone? Do we want our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to piss on our graves? It is time for change and the change starts now. In fact, the situation is changing and we have seen the people's power in recent demonstrations by BERSIH and HINDRAF. This coming March 2008 let us show those who walk in the corridors of power who are the real powers that be. Even if the elections are rigged, if majority supports opposition, BN would have no choice but to admit defeat. Those in power are there because of the rakyat. And now the rakyat wants a change. The rakyat needs a combination of rockets, half moons and full moons, all three components working together with a common aim, goal and objective to displace the government of the day. Change first, talk later. Rockets need to fire accurately to reach their targets. One of the targets is Penang. Oust this ineffective Gerakan/MCA leadership and replace it with a better, more credible leadership. Pak Lah had admitted BN will not do as well in this election so capitalize on the bread and butter issues. Once BN wins in March, the fuel prices will increase and so do other bills like toll rates etc. These are signs are mismanaged economy. The rakyat needs to see a united opposition. A united Barisan Rakyat opposition will spell the end for the ruling BN government.


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